Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Review

With the return of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, gamers are once again called upon to save the universe by stepping into the role of Commander Sheppard on his journey to stop an intergalactic threat. This remaster allows experienced and new players alike to delve back into this universe and experience a story across 3 games where a lot of the decisions you make have long lasting consequences and are now presented in more up to date graphics and faster frame rates which improve upon the original experience.

The Good
This release has included most of the DLC of the original series and allows players a chance to really explore the lore of the universe and while some of the controls do take some getting used to again, you begin to care about these characters all over again as you traverse the galaxy. The updated graphics make the game more palatable by todays graphical standards and the loading times are nearly non-existent if using the Xbox Series X/S which often times the game will give the players an option to skip a loading transition (such as riding elevators).

The Bad

As mentioned earlier in this review, some of the controls came be a bit wonky to use and definitely take some adjustment as you reacclimate yourself to the controls from 2007 but the latter games correct a good bit of these issues. The story is unchanged so if you are familiar with it, don’t expect anything different outside of the DLC, however, by experiencing different paths than what was taken on a prior playthrough or choosing a different specialization, it allows for a variety of experience and still has a lot to offer should you choose this path. There were a few minor issues on release date such as not being able to load up the game properly if you had a wireless headset connected (maybe specific to Xbox), but those bugs have since been fixed.


If you loved Mass Effect before, or you are new to the universe, I would definitely recommend giving this game a go as the story is pretty deep and the universe feels alive, especially as you get to the later games. While not perfect, this series has a lot to offer and with an announcement that Mass Effect will continue, now would be the perfect time to jump back in and experience this universe again!

Rating – 7.5/10

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