Star Wars: Squadrons – Early Impressions

The latest game release in the Star Wars universe seems to have a lot of potential going forward. The game plays well, controls are smooth and intuitive, and the integration with VR technologies allows it to live beyond just your standard console game.

From the beginning, the game immerses you in a story that is believable and helps you to see from the perspectives of both an empire pilot as well as a rebel pilot. The prologue does a good job of guiding you through what essentially amounts to a glorified tutorial but in a way that doesn’t necessarily feel tedious as you become more familiar with the controls while introducing a bit about what is going on at this point in the star wars universe.

While I haven’t had the chance to experience multiplayer yet, I will try to cover that in a later review once I have had more time to delve deeper into this game. Overall I am excited about the potential this game has and I look forward to piloting my way through space and engaging in plenty of interstellar fights.

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