Microsoft Acquires Bethesda! What does the future hold?

Microsoft today announced the acquisition of ZeniMax Media which includes Bethesda and with it, a variety of well known titles such as the Elder Scrolls Series, Fallout and Doom just to name a few. By pursuing this opportunity, it allows all future games from Bethesda to become part of the Game Pass family (as all Microsoft owned studio games do) and add to the appeal for both current and future customers to own access to the growing library of titles for an affordable pay as you go service.

The 2nd bit of good news is that I believe this can help future releases from this group get back on track to being the great games that we have known in the past and not the more recent slew of mediocre titles that have come out lately (Doom Eternal excluded). This means that the future Elder Scrolls 6 game as well as the next Fallout 5 game which have long been titles met with praise have a chance to be as great as their past counterparts and return to the roots of what made them amazing. This could also mean more original IPs coming out of this studio in the future as well as additions to some of their newer ones like Dishonored.

Overall, I think this acquisition has great possibilities for the future of both Microsoft and Bethesda and while it may be a while before we see some things come to fruition, ZeniMax is a very promising addition to the list of growing studios under the Microsoft label.

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